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Featured Artist: Henri Rousseau

Henry Rousseau Is One of The Classic ALL-TIME
Avant Artist And ONE Of MY Personal Favorites!!!

featuredbanner Hey!
So today’s feature is Henri Rousseau, a French Post Impressionist who lived between 1884-1910. Here’s a bit of info about his life pulled from Wikipedia (eep I know..but I’m in a rush this mornin’)

“Henri Rousseau was born in Laval, France in 1844 into the family of a plumber; he was forced to work there as a small boy.[6] He attended Laval High School as a day student and then as a boarder, after his father became a debtor and his parents had to leave the town upon the seizure of their house. He was mediocre in some subjects at the high school but won prizes for drawing and music.[7]hrousseau

He worked for a lawyer and studied law, but “attempted a small perjury and sought refuge in the army,”[8] serving for four years, starting in 1863. With his father’s death, Rousseau moved to Paris in 1868…

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Reflecting On My Studio Space….

I LOVE Your ART And Your Enthusiasm And the Fact that You Re-Purpose things – Such as the DESK
You Found…Continue Enjoying and Cultivating You TALENT/Gift…

Hey!!!! doodles today. I spent last week working very hard at two jobs, one brand new, and one old at the Flower Shop helping out for valentines day. I spent my mornings in training and my afternoons at the shop cleaning flowers, answering phones and arranging a zillion roses! I had been unemployed for over three weeks at that point so it was really nice to get back to work full blast! The weekend before was spent preparing for another craft market, this one at Two If By Sea in Dartmouth! Here’s a picture of Alyssa and I at our booth just before Valentines Day !

craftersWe had loads of fun meeting our customers and our booth was really BUSY at lunch time! It was great!
This weekend I actually had a change to RELAX! It was so nice! I spent Saturday afternoon slowly cleaning up my very messy…

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