The Jewel of Eastern Bali

This is Beautiful …Bali is a Dream destination the World-Over…These Images are Simply Breathtaking!

What an Amazing World!

tu01 Taman Ujung Karangasem

Bali, a land with towering volcanoes and pristine rivers flowing out onto turquoise water of the Indonesian seas. Its fertility not only brought welfare to its residents but also sparked wars between Bali’s many small kingdoms, fighting for as many lands to control as possible. At the eastern coast of the island a kingdom saw its rise and decline over the course of centuries in a rather idyllic setting, nestled between Mount Agung – the island’s tallest volcano and most sacred place – and Lombok Strait.

Karangasem was a small kingdom throughout most of its history, often annexed by other more powerful Balinese kingdoms or those from neighboring islands. From the 18th to early 19th century, however, the kingdom saw a union with its counterpart in Lombok, often referred as Karangasem Sasak. In the early 19th century Karangasem Sasak’s sphere of influence grew significantly, successfully defeating smaller kingdoms on…

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