The Tale of Two Temples

This Is Absolutely ‘Meditation’ WORTH !!!

What an Amazing World!

Pura Tanah Lot Pura Tanah Lot

Set against the rocky coast of western Bali lies a sacred rock topped by a Hindu temple, a creation of the Majapahit priest, Nirartha, who fled Java to Bali in the 16th century. Known as the reformer of Balinese Hinduism concept of deity, among other things, Nirartha introduced Acintya – the one source of all divinities – to answer the widespread of monotheistic Islam in Java and provide Balinese with the same concept of monotheism.

Acintya, often depicted as a naked human-looking form with flames around him, is also referred as Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa – a term coined by Christian missionaries in 1930 to introduce Christian God to Balinese. Against all odds, Balinese is still a largely Hindu society in the 21st century, worshiping Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa and other gods as his manifestations.

In addition to the introduction of Acintya, Nirartha was also the figure…

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