Germany’s Ethics Council calls for legalization of incest

Are We So Gone ‘ASTRAY’ In Our WORLD That ‘Ethics’ Council of GERMANY DARES Declare INCEST ‘LEGAL’ !?!?!?

Fellowship of the Minds

We really must be living in the end of days.

It isn’t enough that Germany has “bestiality brothels” and “erotic zoos,” a government advisory body is now recommending the legalization of incest.

The German Ethics Council (Deutscher Ethikrat) is an independent body of 26 academics and “persons of repute” specializing in scientific, medical, theological, ethical, social, economic and legal concerns, who are charged by the 2007 Ethics Council Act to advise the German Bundestag (national parliament) and the Federal Government on questions of ethics, society, science, medicine and law.

Lizzie Dearden reports for the UK’s The Independent that Germany’s national ethics council has called for the decriminalization and legalization of incest between siblings, after examining the case of a man, Patrick Stuebing, who had four children with his sister, Susan Karolewski. The two were not brought up together.

Patrick Stuebing and Susan Karolewski Patrick Stuebing and Susan Karolewski

Sexual relations between siblings or between parents…

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